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Welcome to the State of Zentopia

Zentopia is an Oregon-based CBD beverage company with the goal of helping people relax and live better lives. We crafted a family of delicious guilt-free sparkling waters and caffeine-packed teas that not only taste good but make you feel good for drinking them.

We call Zentopia the good-for-you, feel-good beverage because, really, how can you not feel good about a natural wonder of a drink that contains all the health-enhancing benefits of CBD? Benefits like boosting your zendurance, clearing your head, helping you wind down from a stressful day and, if you believe in real science like us, even helping you manage an array of health conditions.
Come on, don’t you feel better just reading this? Imagine how good you’ll feel when you cross over the border from your hectic world or your exhausting workout into the little slice of Oregon Nirvana we call Zentopia.

It’s the drink that tastes so good you can feel it.

Proudly Oregonian

From the quirky minds of a six-pack of Oregon-born business casual dudes, Zentopia is so thoroughly Oregon it would deliver itself to stores on bikes if we let it. We are proudly Oregonian through and through and have carefully chosen partners whose personal, business and social values match our own. Then we stand back and let them do those things they do  – farming, sciencing, distilling, canning and distributing.  To drink Zentopia CBD beverages is to enjoy Oregon at its finest – natural, refreshing, healthful, wet and green as all get out.

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