Boost Up or Chill Out.

Zenhance you life with our sugar-free sparkling waters and caffeine-packed black teas that deliver 50mg of Hemp Extract in each 16oz can. With just the right amount of fresh fruit flavor and no- and low-calorie options, Zentopia is a good-for-you hemp-infused beverage that actually tastes good.

Zero Sugar

You read that right.

50mg of Hemp Extract

That's 2-5x MORE than other brands.


No high, all zen.

Boost your Zenergy and your health with one kickass can of hemp-infused Black Tea packing enough caffeine punch to wake the dead parts in you. With 150mg of caffeine swimming laps in 50mg of hemp-infused tea, Zentopia Boost is 16oz of Zing and Zenduring productivity. 

Kick start zendurance

Activate your body

Clear your head

Beat a rough night

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16 ounces of howzit hangin’ Zenhancement to sharpen your focus, calm your mind and whatever, Bro. Zentopia Chill combines the hyper-mellowing powers of 50mg of Hemp Extract with crystalline Oregon water to bring you the wisdom and clarity of a zen master and help you let that sh*t go.

Take the edge off

Wind down

Tap into a dream

Zenhance movement

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New Chill Variety Pack!

Feel like mixing it up? No problem! Grab a mixed pack of our Hemp-infused Sparkling Waters.

50mg of Hemp Extract

Zenbarrassing riches of Hemp Extract (2-5 times more than regular Earthly brands) in each 16 oz. can to zensure you can self-care like a mofo.

Zero Sugar

You read that right. Our hemp-infused sparkling water and black teas contain zero sugar with no- and low-calorie options if self-care's your bag. Or can.


The only high Zentopia offers is a heightened state of zenjoyment. So grab a can of our hemp-infused drinks, free your mind and your best will follow. 


Nobody knows green like Oregonians. Other than frogs, maybe. But they don’t know how to science the sh*t out of the finest hemp, pure Oregon water and natural flavors like we do. Stupid frogs.

Chill with us. @drinkzentopia

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