Stress-Busting. Brain-Boosting. Guilt-Free.

Good-for-you beverages that deliciously deliver the proven benefits of hemp extract.

50mg of Hemp Extract

Boost your zenergy, stress less and find your inner zen master with 2-5x MORE hemp extract than other drinks.

Zero Sugar

Find you best self and recharge your body without sugar and calories weighing you down.

No THC, No High

The only high we offer is a heightened state of zenjoyment. So grab a can, free your mind and your best will follow. 

Boost your Zenergy and your health with one kickass can of hemp-infused Black Tea packing enough caffeine punch to wake the dead parts in you. With 150mg of caffeine swimming laps in 50mg of hemp-infused tea, Zentopia Boost is 16oz of Zing and Zenduring productivity. 

Kick start zendurance

Activate your body

Clear your head

Beat a rough night

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16 ounces of howzit hangin’ Zenhancement to sharpen your focus, calm your mind and whatever, Bro. Zentopia Chill combines the hyper-mellowing powers of 50mg of Hemp Extract with crystalline Oregon water to bring you the wisdom and clarity of a zen master and help you let that sh*t go.

Take the edge off

Wind down

Tap into a dream

Zenhance movement

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