Picnic Pairings - CBD Popsicle Mocktails

Picnic Pairings - CBD Popsicle Mocktails

Picnic Pairings - CBD Popsicle Mocktails 

Partying, picnics, and poolside indulgence. It's that time of year when cold treats are plentiful. But to make things more decadent we like to add a little something special to our treat of choice. This tasty little recipe combines fruit popsicles with our non-alcoholic Mango Zentopia, which is infused with 50mg of stress-busting CBD. It's so good, and SO easy to make. 

Zentopia CBD Popsicles


  • Fruit popsicles of your choice
  • Mango Zentopia Chill Sparkling Water
  • Cocktail or wine glass (if you're feeling fancy)



  1. Take your popsicle and put it in your glass
  2. Fill you cup with Mango Zentopia and let your mocktail melt and mix into a perfectly fruity treat 🥭

Try Mango Chill

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