Can CBD Products Be Ordered Online and Then Shipped to Me From Another State?

Can CBD Products Be Ordered Online and Then Shipped to Me From Another State?

Yes. There are some strict guidelines regarding the shipment of CBD – both at the federal and state level – that may influence your ability to order CBD products through the internet.

Federal Rules for CBD Shipments

CBD products that can be legally shipped must be derived from hemp and not marijuana. While hemp is no longer classified as a Schedule I drug, marijuana still is due to the large percentage of THC present in its chemical makeup.

THC possesses the psychoactive properties that give people the characteristic “high” that most users of marijuana products seek. While an increasing number of states are loosening their restrictions on marijuana and products that contain THC, the federal government hasn’t gotten there yet. The United States Postal Service is a federal agency and operates according to federal law, not local state law. This means even if marijuana is legal where you are, your local postal carriers still won’t touch it.

The private shipping carriers, including FedEx and UPS, have an incentive to avoid violating federal laws as well, which is why they also prohibit shipping marijuana and products containing high THC contents.

From a CBD product perspective, this is only relevant for shoppers interested in buying “marijuana-derived” CBD products, which is not what Zentopia sells or distributes.

For a CBD product to be legally shipped, its THC level must be at or below 0.3 percent. Hemp-derived CBD products shouldn’t exceed that limit, otherwise they would be illegal to ship in the U.S. due to the aforementioned reasons.

Most CBD products are formulated with this percentage in mind, as even full-spectrum CBD products – which maintain most of the natural cannabinoids found in hemp – should only possess a trace amount of THC.

Although this minimal amount of THC is legal to ship, full-spectrum products can still sometimes cause psychoactive effects in certain people. It can also potentially result in positive results on sensitive drug tests.

For those who want a product with essentially zero THC content, our CBD-isolate drinks will only give you the grounding benefits of hemp-derived CBD in a delicious beverage so you can enjoy the taste without worrying about triggering a drug test.

Another federal and state requirement is that the CBD product must come from a licensed source to ensure it has undergone rigorous third-party testing. While this means that someone who grows their own hemp is not allowed to ship it, the bigger target for this restriction is improperly monitored CBD companies.

Many unregulated “THC-Free” products have been found to contain a substantial percentage of THC within them, some of which can even exceed the 0.3 percent limit. Buying from a reputable source is critical to ensuring your product has been tested for safe consumption.

At Zentopia, we take third-party testing seriously. Our team works closely with our licensed CBD supplier to coordinate every order placed, confirming clear and transparent lab reports before starting production. We work with independent, nationally accredited labs to perform multiple tests that can detect THC levels as low as 0.01 percent to guarantee our customers a 100 percent pure CBD experience.

Is CBD Legal Across the U.S.?

Although CBD products derived from hemp are largely considered legal commerce nationwide, not all states are equal in their regulations. The 2018 Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp and CBD products also allowed each state to restrict the products independently, meaning what’s legal in one state might be illegal in another.

The states that have fully legalized CBD include:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Although South Dakota is the only state that maintains a strict ban on CBD products, other states’ laws can trip up consumers. Each state has its own rules regarding the legal age requirement (typically 18 or 21), as well as a host of other distinctions, including quantity limits and local taxes.

Accidentally running afoul of a state’s hemp regulations could potentially result in legal penalties regardless of whether it was being purchased for recreational or medical usage. You can learn more about each state’s specific restrictions in our blog here.

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