The History of Sparkling Water: From Priestley to Present

The History of Sparkling Water: From Priestley to Present

For such a seemingly simple drink, sparkling water has a surprisingly layered history behind it. Although cutting-edge advancements in sparkling water might not be a hot topic of conversation, you may be surprised to learn there are still new developments bubbling to the surface of sparkling water beverages.

Sparkling Water Is Invented

It wasn’t until the 17th century that sparkling water became less of a mythical phenomenon associated with hot water springs and more of an actualized product.

That spark was ignited in 1662 when English scientist Christopher Merret created the first sparkling wine by adding sugar and molasses during the fermentation process. The concept for sparkling water, however, didn’t come to fruition until the 1760s, when Joseph Priestley began to investigate the bubbles in beer and how to apply that carbonation to still water. He published a paper describing a method to infuse water with carbon dioxide called “Impregnating Water with Fixed Air,” effectively creating the world's first artificially carbonated water.

When Idea Becomes Product

Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist Johann Jacob Schweppe honed this subversive idea for practical usage in the late 18th century. Schweppe developed the concept of carbonated water and mass-produced it for the well-heeled elite of the time who were fortunate enough to have disposable income to spend on bubbly beverages. In the early 19th century, he began producing and selling carbonated mineral water, labeling the product as “Schweppes,” which remains a household name for sparkling water to this day.

Sparkling Water Reaches the Masses

Sparkling water revolutionized alcohol consumption. Whereas before, alcohol was only consumed straight, the public could now mix their drinks with sparkling water, diluting its strength and widening its accessibility. As a result, more people could enjoy a drink, which made going to bars more socially acceptable. Later, sparkling water expanded beyond the bar scene, as soda fountains popularized carbonated beverages in the U.S. especially.

Testing the Waters

In the 20th century, the sparkling water landscape evolved further with the introduction of flavored sparkling water. Companies began to infuse their carbonated water with fruit extracts and other natural flavors, providing consumers with a broader range of options. The concept of flavored sparkling water became increasingly popular, setting the stage for sparkling water to grow and change in unprecedented ways to meet the tastes of the modern consumer.

CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

Fast forward to the 21st century, and sparkling water has adapted to a new market that was born after marijuana and hemp products became widely legal. As CBD gained recognition for its potential health benefits, beverage companies began incorporating it into their products and CBD-infused sparkling water was introduced. CBD sparkling water offers consumers a unique and refreshing way to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabidiol while staying hydrated.

The Appeal of CBD Sparkling Water

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant, has been reported to help promote relaxation and relieve stress. Like most cannabinoids other than THC, CBD didn’t receive much attention until the late 20th century. Until then, marijuana and THC were inseparably linked in the public’s mind. It wasn’t until just the past few decades when the complex web of cannabinoids was thoroughly mapped and scientists began identifying the unique benefits and properties of the many non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp – most notably CBD. Today, pure CBD (also known as CBD isolate ) is infused into a variety of easily accessible products, from tinctures and ointments to drinks.

At Zentopia, our CBD beverages undergo vigorous testing across multiple nationally accredited and independent labs to ensure they’re safe for consumption with minimal amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC. This means you can relish the refreshing taste of our CBD-infused sparkling water without worrying about positive results on drug tests. Studies have also found that CBD has the potential to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve sleep, although you should always discuss using CBD with your doctor before taking or drinking CBD.

Savor the Taste of CBD Sparkling Water From a Trusted Source

You can revel in the calming effects of CBD through an ice-cold beverage with Zentopia’s selection of 50mg CBD beverages. Whether you want a versatile mixer like sparkling water or something more flavorful like tea, lemonade or a mocktail, we offer a wide variety of drink options to suit your needs at any time in the day.

Visit us online to learn more about our flavors or to order a pack today.

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